What is the hidden meaning behind words?

April 23, 11:00 - 13:00
Sala Porta

What is hidden behind some seemingly neutral words? Those which, if ambiguous, slow down comprehension times; if twisted in any way, may increase cognitive dissonance; if little attention is paid to the relationship, could they cool things down right away? Writing makes subtle and complex relationship dynamics emerge and react, which regard how people are perceived within a working environment, how they relate to their fellow colleagues and how they manage their relationships with both suppliers and customers. The workshop will help to recognize the words which act as a sort of corkscrew to our feelings, emotions and reiterated and debilitated behavioural patterns that reside silently within our daily gestures of communication. Exercises, comparisons and discussions will aid us in identifying the words used to either open or conclude reports within articles that are written and uploaded daily to the intranet.

Some talks are to be defined: the agenda may be subjected to changes (both on day 22 and day 23)