Seeking, searching, finding, using

October 10, 10:30
Volta Room

We find information in many different ways. We can send a co-worker an email, post a request on social media, search on Google, ask a bot or browse the intranet. As intranet managers, we need to position the intranet and a search app in a way that integrates and supports the way we look for information, and this is a lot more difficult than it seems. We also have to make sure that it is usable, which leads to the issues on information quality and file format. In this keynote I will present some frameworks that help understand information requirements and explain how they can be met. The objective is to ensure that employees make informed decisions that ensure businesses reach their objectives and employees reach their own personal objectives.

In English with simultaneous translation.


Every speaker's talk has simoultaneous translation from italian to english and from english to italian.
Some talks are to be defined: the agenda may be subjected to changes (both on day 10 and day 11)