Third Edition
Intranet Italia Champions
19-20th May 2022
The award for the best Italian intranet projects
Event created by Giacomo Mason from Intranet Management,
part of Ariadne Digital Group

Executive Summary
Winners, case studies and trends.

Also this year the Intranet Italia Champions award, the contest organized by Intranet Management to enhance the best intranet projects on the Italian scene, gave surprises and many solutions of great interest and inspiration. The jury, made up of 6 Italian and foreign specialists in the field of intranets and internal communication, did not hide their difficulties in awarding the prizes, given the high quality of the presented cases, which, all together, constitute a cross-section of innovation, good solutions, new formats in internal digital communication in Italy.

The companies selected for the award this year are:

  • Aboca
  • Acea Group
  • AGF88 Holding
  • Banca Ifis
  • Erg
  • Huware
  • Poste Italiane (two cases presented)
  • Reale Mutua
  • Sella Group
  • Snam
  • Sogei
  • Trenord
  • Trivellato

Below we present the 2020 winners, the cases you find in the report and some trends observed in the edition of this year.


The five winning companies of the 2020 edition of the IIC are:

  • Sogei - Overall best intranet of the year
  • Poste Italiane - Winner of the Applications & Online Services category
  • Banca Ifis - Winner of the Contents category
  • Reale Mutua - Winner of the Social category
  • Snam - Winner of the Design category

Below is a brief description of the winners:


Mapping skills and putting them into play in the new “Corporate Social Intranet ".

Sogei has created an intranet complete with practical information and utility, with strong participation in the construction process, the start of very well-organized communities and some design goodies such as the personal profile with skills or your personal dashboard. In complex a really mature intranet project.

Poste Italiane

An APP on fit for 130,000 employees.

Poste Italiane has created an App able to involve, inform and effectively communicate. The app is in fact the real touch point of the employee with the company, with a strong vocation for customized content and to the management of important business processes, able to connect people to the company in a simple and immediate way, wherever they are and at any time.

Banca Ifis

A renewed and engaging internal communication and an integrated chatbot.

Banca Ifis has created a series of very engaging multimedia content and has made available to the employees a very effective and innovative chatbot for bookings. In addition an interesting and well-built series of content and services (notice board, video, training, survey).

Reale Mutua

Really: a multi-country Digital Workplace.

Reale Mutua has transformed 7 intranet companies into a multi-country Digital Workplace, focusing on co-design applied to each phase of the project. It has created a set of very well-made services and contents, expecially many communities which are well organized and very well integrated into the main environment, effectively creating a real social intranet, offering the same user experience that people are used to outside the company.


A multi-channel intranet with a sustainable design.

Snam has created an effective redesign with a great visual impact, flexible and adaptable to the evolution of work and the needs of employees, with the aim of ensuring high performance in terms of user experience, functionality and content. An intranet with a high design impact, which offers an enveloping and effective user experience, built around the needs of individuals.

Case studies

Shown below are the 9 projects that, in the different categories of the award, expressed elements of great interest and inspiration for anyone involved in intranet projects. It is about interesting and innovative creations and, in some cases, with original and effective solutions.

Category Applications and Online services

Apoteca Natura - Supporting the network of pharmacists with training, Q&A and gamification.

The Portal is dedicated to pharmacies and pharmacists belonging to the network and to employees of the Apoteca Natura company. It is the tool dedicated to managing the activities and the relationship between the pharmacy and the Brand.

Huware - A new tailor-made and well-structured full digital onboarding.

Huware created a new news center to update all employees and revolutionized their onboarding process by putting the employee at the center and allowing all sectors to collaborate online on the onboarding journey. The result: efficiency, engaging, improved supervision of internal communication, widespread communities.

Trivellato - Efficiently managing privacy, holidays and permits.

Trivellato has reviewed its holiday processes, permits and GDPR fulfillment management by simplifying the data distribution and collection and automating the request phases where possible. With a strong focus on the digitization of all phases of work and a particular attention to mobile access.

Category Content

Poste Italiane - TG of Poste Italiane: a multi-channel communication system at the service of corporate information.

Poste Italiane has created a very demanding and high-quality communication format, guaranteeing a constant flow of information, in real time, on all company devices, for the entire internal population. TG Poste integrates many internal sources to ensure a daily product always available on the intranet.

Trenord - INTrenord: An intranet created around people and powered by AI.

Trenord has created a series of high-impact communication formats, using videos to enhance people and professions of the company and to make new colleagues known, as well as providing a series of useful services related to welfare, projects, business results, all powered by AI in research.

AGF88 Holding - A conversational intranet for AGF88.

AGF88 has created a conversational environment populated by engaging content, first of all the collection of mini-interviews with colleagues, the news, the section dedicated to the covid, the board of ideas, the area dedicated to the lunch break. A renewed and amplified internal communication.

Social Category

Gruppo Sella - A podcast program for an engaged community.

Gruppo Sella has created an engaging format of periodic communication to enhance the internal projects and people of the company, and has used these occasions as many ideas to feed the internal communities with the result of increasing both the information available and widespread and amplified participation.

Design category

Acea Group - A redesign dedicated to simplification, personalization and sharing.

Acea has carried out a redesign of the old intranet capable of putting at the center simplicity, corporate identity and visibility to the projects of the industrial areas of the Group. The intranet now features a uniform and distinctive layout, a series of useful services renewed in interaction design and an environment highly customizable by individual employees.

Erg - A completely renewed design, multimedia content and new features.

Erg has been able to create a fresh design coherent with the corporate image, with a solution capable of combining operational and communication needs. Between global contents, local sections, use of the chatbot and breaking news, the redesign today presents an effective, updated and strongly characterized information environment.


Also this year, as in the past year, we can identify some trends within the cases arrived, which correspond to many trends which are also internationally observed. We have identified ten of them:

  1. Use of chatbots;
  2. Podcast formats;
  3. Enhanced profiles;
  4. Multiple filters;
  5. "How to do for ..." sections;
  6. “Covid” and “Smart working” sections;
  7. Leading employees;
  8. Interface customizations;
  9. Smart research;
  10. User centered methods.

1 - Welcome chatbot
Finally, good examples of chatbots and virtual assistants are beginning to emerge also in Italian intranets. Chatbots can be used, as in Erg, to help in the search for information or, as in the case of Banca Ifis, they are real virtual assistants who can perform tasks by guiding the user in a conversational way, for example when booking travel or appointments.

Chatbot assistant. In Banca Ifis, a chatbot provides users a conversational assistance in booking many services, from hotels to trains (in this case, the serological test for Covid 19).

2 - The podcast we like
The podcast get out of the purely "radio" niche in which today it finds its prevalent positioning, to become a full-fledged internal communication format. In addition to the podcasts of Banca Ifis, this year we also highlight the series of podcasts inaugurated by the Sella Group, both of a professional nature and, by popular demand, also related to passions and extra-work activities of employees. The podcast confirms a flexible format, adaptable to different everyday contexts, also usable in mobility and simultaneously associated with other activities of the person.

Podcast and community. The Sella Group launched a series of podcast interviews with employees, which resulted in one series of discussions in the internal community.

3 - The steroid profile
Personal profiles, generally associated with the address book/pager, are going through a phase of further enrichment, and becoming hubs where people find activities, skills and tags. This is the case, for example, of Reale Mutua, with a personal profile that shows the history of activities on the intranet, or Sogei, with a personal profile that also contains a section dedicated to the possessed skills, visible to all employees with the possibility of "Endorsement" to colleagues, or even Snam, in which the personal profile also contains the tags referring to the tasks and micro-activities of each (you can contact me for ...)

Profile and skills. The personal profile on Sogei's intranet also contains a section dedicated to the possessed skills, visible to all employees with the possibility of endorsement by colleagues.

4 - The filter that saves you
More and more intranets entrust the possibility of identifying resources (news, notifications, documents, people, etc.) to multiple filter systems mediated by E-commerce systems. This is the case for example of Erg with filters applied to the address book or policies, Trenord with filters applied to the search, or Acea with filters applied to the procedures. In this way it is possible to handle a large mass of contents in an organic way.

Multiple filters. The multiple filter system applied to Acea's procedures area.

5 - The centrality of the "How to"
The areas dedicated to "How to" conquer more and more space and visibility, sometimes ending up at the first level in navigation. These are solutions adopted for example by Sogei ("What to do for") or by Snam, with a complete and scalable system, divided into categories.

How to do for. On the intranet of Snam the “How to do for” presents a series of cards divided by categories. The system is at the first level of navigation under the home page.

6 - Covid and Smart working
As was to be expected, almost all intranets have sections dedicated to information to manage the pandemic period, especially with regard to safety at work and the smart working. This is the case, for example, of Sogei, Banca Ifis, or Agf88 Holding.

Covid sections. The section dedicated to Covid 19 in the intranet of AGF88 Holding.

7 - Leading employees
Employees are increasingly the protagonists of the editorial schedules of intranets: there are many initiatives that put them at the center, with periodic interviews (for example the section "Get to know us" of AGF88 Holding) or with video columns dedicated to their profession, as in the case of “Il bello di Trenord”, a video column on the Trenord intranet.

Video columns. The “Il bello di Trenord” column presents a collection of video interviews on the different professions of the company people.

8 - Personalize me!
The ability to customize part of the intranet interface is now a stable part of the possibilities offered by the design of these tools. In this sense the favorites are classic, often selectable from a predefined set. In the case of Erg, for example, individual employees can customize a series of quick links that will always be nearby on the right. Same thing in Snam, with a part of the personal sidebar dedicated to the resources saved by individual employees.

Favorites. Employees have saved a series of tools on the Erg intranet that they can constantly find starting from the homepage.

9 - Smart research
Research is also increasingly evolved: from the possibility of interpreting natural language (Trenord) to research with intelligent autocomplete (Acea) up to integrated research in Snam, which immediately presents, as a term is typed, a series of relevant resources grouped by type (news, media, people, documents, etc.).

Integrated research. On the Snam intranet, when you type a term, all the resources appear, grouped by type related.

10 - User centered intranet
Finally, user centered design techniques and tools are emerging in many projects: Workshops, interviews, personas, diaries, tree-tests and many other tools to involve people of the company in all phases of the process. Among the many examples arrived, Acea carried out various design thinking sessions with employees to explore the future contents of the intranet and in Sogei more than 300 colleagues were involved in the research phase, and various personas were then created, to orient the project in the direction of the various recognized targets.

Personas. . In Sogei various personas have been created, downstream of the research phase, to guide the project in the direction of the various recognized targets.

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