NoidiPoste: the app that makes information and services available to all colleagues

October 10, 15:30
Sala Verdi

How can over 130,000 people get in touch with a simple "tap" from their smartphone? How can we make intranet services accessible to those who don’t use email and don’t have a company PC for work?

In everyday life we easly use extraordinarly effective tools, from social network to instant messaging programs. We access our apps with a finger and we authorize payments with a glance.

What happens in the company?

This is the question from which we started the app project, starting from a blank sheet that we filled with many ideas and as many doubts on how to make information and business services accessible on our phones.

Now we're here. And the best thing is that we've just started.

Some talks are to be defined: the agenda may be subjected to changes (both on day 10 and day 11)