Third Edition
Intranet Italia Champions
14-15th Ocotber 2021
The award for the best Italian intranet projects
Event created by Giacomo Mason from Intranet Management,
part of Ariadne Digital Group

Intranet Italia Champions:

take part by 30 June 2021

Successful initiatives, innovative features, useful contents, effective design, daring experiments: the winner of the first edition of the Intranet Italia Champions could be just your company!

Did you manage an innovative project in the field of internal communication last year?

Have you made a good communication initiative or really explosive content inside your intanet?

Have you devised an interesting solution for collaboration, engagement or improvement of internal processes?

Have you created a functional and successful internal application?

If you want to share the results with colleagues from other companies, compare yourself and inspire them candidate your company for the award!

You don’t need to propose a great project, just need a small example of implementation within the intranet: information architecture, design, content, design, governance, social functions: in which of these areas have you been practiced?

Share your experience with us and propose your project. A couple of screenshots are enough to get started.

What is Intranet Italia Champions?

The Italia Intranet Champions (IIC) is an annual award given to companies that have implemented on their Intranet an initiative, a content, or an innovative and successful feature for the company and its employees. New ideas, useful and innovative content (or presented in a new way), engaging and participated initiatives, useful and well-designed services, features and innovative applications that have produced important results for the company and its employees.

The Intranet Italia Champions is promoted by Intranet Management, in collaboration with Ariadne Digital.

The prize concerns:

  • the 4 best projects will receive the 2021 prize
  • other projects that present elements of interest will be included in the "Intranet Italian Champions 2019" Report, which will be drawn up at the end of the initiative and which will describe in detail the best projects

You can submit your application for

The international jury of the Intranet Italia Champions will evaluate individual features, contents or online services that made the difference within the organization and intranet. The following 4 categories will therefore be considered:

Contents and initiatives

(e.g. news, page, infographics, section, video, etc.)

Contents expecially useful, relevant, innovative or presented in a new way - for example: news, notices,documents, FAQs, infographics, information sheets (products, offices, people, sectors, etc.), video gallery, well-made training contents distributed via intranet on the various media (desktop, tablet, mobile, digital signage). Special initiatives that have involved the company people in participatory modalities (e.g.: idea management, contest, crowdsourcing, community, Q&A etc.)

Online applications and services

(e.g. booking rooms, tools, app, etc.)

Online services particularly advanced and useful for the corporate people with advanced design, such as: booking rooms, purchase equipment, ticketing systems, approval workflow, search for people, etc …

Social spaces

(e.g. community, groups, etc.)

Intranet projects of horizontal interaction and collaboration between colleagues: communities, internal social networks, discussion groups, crowdsourcing initiatives between employees, horizontal interaction, capable of creating value for people and organizations. The technological tools used are not considered as much as the project as a whole and the results obtained.

How to take part


Candidates must send an email by June 30, 2021 to the following address:

The email must contain:

Company name and number of members of the project/initiative
A description of the purpose, context of use, operations and elements most relevant for the content/initiative/ feature nominated for the prize
Minimum two high resolution screenshots of the content/initiative/feature nominated for the prize

If the application is deemed to be interesting, a member of the evaluation team will contact the company for an in-depth interview in order to examine the relevant points for well understanding the project, for example:

governance model
in depth analysis of the intranet that hosts contents/initiative/functionality nominated
process of realization of the content/initiative/functionality nominated (e.g. employee involvement, user centered design techniques, development sprints, etc ...)
results achieved and ROI achieved through the content/initiative/functionality that is nominated
lessons learned

At the end of the selection process, all companies will be contacted by e-mail and the result of the evaluation will be communicated:

  • winning project
  • project not winner but included among the cases in the Intranet Italia Champions 2021 Report
  • excluded project


The Italia Champions Intranet prize will be awarded by a jury of Italian and foreign intranet and communication experts:

Evaluation criteria

The projects will be evaluated by a team of design, usability and intranet management italian and foreign professionals:

The following elements will be considered in particular:

  • Design innovativeness and respect for international usability and user experience standards (25%)
  • Ability to respond to the needs of employees (25%)
  • Innovativeness in design and respect for international usability and user experience standards (10%)
  • Employee involvement in the analysis-project-realization phase and user centerd design techniques (20%)
  • Results achieved, exposed explicitly and verifiably (20%)


by June 30, 2021

Submission of material by the candidate companies

by June 30, 2021

Depth Analysis and interviews

by July 31, 2021

Selection of winners and proclamation

by September 30, 2021

Publication of the Report

October 14th, 2021

Public meeting with the Winners

The Prizes

The prize for the winners will be:

  • the IIC 2021 trophy presented during the award ceremony at the IID 2021
  • a free copy of the IIC 2021 Report (ITA and ENG version)
  • free entry for 2 people to IID 2021
  • free access to the Intra2 platform for worldwide sharing of screenshots and intranet experiences

The non-winning but deemed worthy of nomination will be published in the IIC 2021 Report and the companies will be awarded with:

  • a free copy of the IIC 2021 Report (ITA and ENG version)
  • free entry for 1 person to IID 2021
  • 3 months free access to the Intra2 platform for worldwide sharing of screenshots and intranet experiences