Intranet for all generation

October 22, 14:30 - 15:00
Sala Manzoni

Big companies usually have employees from different generations: Baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z. I will share my thoughts how to create intranet that will work for all generations. Cases I will talk about:

  1. A top-3 Russian telecom company with 30,000 staff, featuring cool tools and mobile apps for generation Y, 500+ hours of prototyping. Made on SharePoint.
  2. Self-developed intranet for top-3 internet Russian company, covering many work-processes on day-to-day employee’s life, great usability and clean design. Winner of IDWAwards by StepTwo.
  3. Digital workplace for biggest Russian retail chain with more than 200,000 staff and 14 000 stories. 6 criteria for intranet personalization and 4 visual schemes to support different brands of the company.
  4. Deeply customized SharePoint intranet for Central Bank of Russia: 50 000 employees, 40 locations. High security requirements vs internal communications.
Some talks are to be defined: the agenda may be subjected to changes (both on day 22 and day 23)