Internal Communication Format: get informed and engaged!

April 22, 16:30 - 17:00
Sala Manzoni

Telling about Internal Communication means understanding in which and how many different ways this function can contribute to the development of a common corporate culture. From online activities to the organization of live events: how many and which are the channels which inform or train the company population with, creating a real two-way dialogue? From the Intranet- app to the newsletter, from the participatory design workshops to the photo shooting for social channels, from the institutional video to the videoselfies to tell about internal projects, from the web series recited by colleagues to the Pop Up Lab to promote Open Innovation, from the reverse poster to comics telling a new corporate culture, from the podcast to the quick survey, from the Vision Meeting to open events: we will discuss the formats useful for developing connections and opening up to modern and effective internal communication.


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Every speaker's talk has simoultaneous translation from italian to english and from english to italian.

Some talks are to be defined: the agenda may be subjected to changes (both on day 22 and day 23)