Human intranet: from data to internal proto-personas

October 11, 14:30 - 17:30 (3 hrs with a 15-min. coffee break)
Volta Room

How to redesign the intranet and internal systems and services based on employees’ needs.

The workshop focuses on the need for increasing more precise and consistent design choices and on a recurring common problem: the inability to carry out research on people due to lack of time and resources. This results in no interviews, no ethnographic searches and no focus group on the use of the intranet. What is the solution? Giving up on a human-centred design process? No. Through radical collaboration it is possible to get an internal team involved in participative activities to build plausible profiles (proto personas) that cover employees’ choices, behaviours and needs, constantly identifying new solutions. The workshop is designed for all in-house professionals who work on tools and systems for internal targets (internal communications, communications, Human Resources, IT). Participants will be encouraged during practical team exercises, in laboratory mode, to experiment new design approaches cantered around people and their needs.