How data science and machine learning can improve company decision-making and enlight the organization at large

October 22, 17:00 - 17:30
Sala Manzoni

Before to invest in a product, companies spend their time on market researches, marketing experiments, and their competitors.

Is the decision-making process so reliable when companies invest in the organization itself?

Let's try to imagine an ideal world in which the decision-making process is a sequence of rings that hold each other. Decisions depend on knowledge, which comes from information, which rests on data, which must be collected, organized and stored in a database, and then analyzed before they become insights. So, the baseline is ready to feed data-informed decisions.

Companies use data science and machine learning systems to get much valuable information in less time. So they can illuminate their organization, improve workflows and help managers suspended between complex decision-making processes and gut-feeling decisions.

Some talks are to be defined: the agenda may be subjected to changes (both on day 22 and day 23)