3 key aspects to make your Modern Intranet the core of the Digital Employee Experience

October 10, 10:30
Volta Room

Many organizations are now modernizing their Intranets as part of their Digital Workplace. The ultimate goal of this transformation journey is to deliver a great Digital Employee Experience. In order to achieve this, it’s key to focus on 3 vital aspects that make a difference.

In this keynote you will learn about the interrelation between Modern Intranets, Digital Workplaces, Digital Employee Experience and current trends. Furthermore we will explore, why these 3 key aspects are crucial to make your Modern Intranet the core of your Digital Employee Experience:

  1. Use Cases - what’s in it for your employees?
  2. Technology - how to deal with an ever changing digital workplace technology landscape?
  3. User Experience – why we haven’t found the answer yet?
Some talks are to be defined: the agenda may be subjected to changes (both on day 10 and day 11)